Short Bio

Jan Rod (born 1982 in Prague) is a interaction designer and researcher working in Tokyo. Jan got his PhD. from Keio University, Graduate School of Media Design in 2013.

Jan specializes in interaction design both for software and hardware. In his practice, he worked with local (Japanese) and international teams to design prototypes of physical devices, smartphone applications and  interactive digital installations or clients from all around the world (see Projects for more info).

During his studies, Jan co-founded InMojo Inc., a company that promotes Open Source Hardware by offering independent designers a platform to manufacture and sell their products, while as well developing its own products. The company, while still small, is healthy and prospering in a growing field of OSHW.

Jan's doctorate research focused on designing technology that would stimulate people in public space to change their behavior. Using music as an actuator to stimulate movement of people around the city, the team has won a prize at Tokyo Wonder Site Audio Experimental festival in 2011. Jan's passion for improving the public space has led him to explore also some social phenomena, such as suicides in train systems, or implications that Fukushima disaster had on citizen science and radiation measurements.

Jan has over 5 years of experience as a user experience and interaction designer. His usual responsibilities involve design-related research, prototyping, administering user testing and supervising quality of the overall project.

You can download Jan's detailed CV.